Another Twist on Murray State

I’m so behind on my projects.  Work is consuming my life. But, I managed to slip in a couple of days off to get some sewing started.  And lo and behold, I actually got something finished.  Here is another bag…….identical to the others but for a different use.  This one is a co-worker’s messenger bag.  She specifically wanted all the same pockets as the diaper bag.  She supplied the shirt (a bargain find at Walgreen’s) and she supplied the lining fabric.  I had not thought of using a black-based fabric but the brightness of the peace signs made up for it.  A tip I read once suggested always using white-based lining fabrics in your bags to help you see when you are digging for those keys or flash drives.  And, an added bonus for this one is all of the peace signs face in the same direction!  It hadn’t occurred to me that it was a directional print until I started cutting.  But luck was with me this time and I got them all in the same direction.  Yay!

Now, I have a hoodie squirreled away for myself that I think will make an excellent messenger but I want some small zippered pockets on the front……Mmmmm, must get out the design paper and do some preliminary sketches.  As soon as I finish a couple more projects.

One response to “Another Twist on Murray State”

  1. Love it!

    My hoodie's waiting in the office for when you get the time. 🙂


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