Re-cycle or Up-cycle My Favorite Jeans

Working in a library has its perks. I can borrow many sewing books through Interlibrary Loan. Select projects I want to make and then send the books back. This bag came from one such book. It was originally called a Bird Watcher’s Bag. I don’t know why other than the fact the fabric had birds on it. Nevertheless, I thought it screamed to be made out of denim, specifically an old pair of jeans that I am too stubborn to part with. I mean how many jean quilts can a person really use?

I fussy cut this so that the back pocket remained intact and came out properly positioned on the front flap. A surviving belt loop at the top even works as a loop for my key ring carabiner. Another wonderful fabulous benefit is that it fits my purse organizer insert perfectly. I need to put some pics of those up. Its probably my most favorite thing next to Krispy Kreme donuts. I really must make more of those.

A pair of jeans and a yard of cotton fabric makes this purse up very nicely.

One response to “Re-cycle or Up-cycle My Favorite Jeans”

  1. If I bring you a pair of my old jeans…do I get an east/west version? THANKS!

    I'll have to find some material to go with it. A yard? I can do that!


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