Listen Up, Pattern Designers – Q# 9

This is the eighth in a series of posts concerning a survey that I conducted among some digital sewing pattern testers a few weeks ago. The initial post is here: There was another post that prefaced this whole journey here:

So after eight questions of me asking the pattern testers my questions, I turned the tables and gave the testers a voice.  I offered them the option to answer the open-ended question, “If you could tell pattern designers one thing, as a pattern tester, what would it be?”.  They could focus on any thing they wanted, anything about the whole pattern tester process or the sewing patterns themselves or interactions with designers that they wanted to say.

Predominantly, the testers wanted to say a big Thank You to designers for allowing them the opportunity to assist in the development of some amazing sewing patterns.  They appreciated the professional interactions, the organization of the Tester Calls and the constructive criticisms exchanged with the designers. A few comments were made to the designer concerning being professional in all interactions and being consistent in their business practices.  Some were a little confused at the designers’s requirements that they provide professional-quality photos of their test projects to the designer for them to use in their marketing of the pattern when it is released. Overall, pattern testers seemed to be honored to be chosen by designers.

Points to ponder:  This survey was fun to put together and analyze.  Many answers surprised me.  I am in a better place to understand how my patterns (that I have yet to get past the rough draft stage) will be used.  This understanding has helped me make some decisions on organizing, writing and producing my .pdf patterns.

So, though my patterns are not any closer to being posted, I know it has been a fun ride.  I hope you have learned something too!

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