Line Drawings or Photos – Q #6 & 7

This is the sixth in a series of posts concerning a survey that I conducted among some digital sewing pattern testers a few weeks ago. The initial post is here: There was another post that prefaced this whole journey here:

My sixth and seventh questions pertained to the visuals included in digital sewing patterns.  There has been an argument out in the sewing internet world over whether line drawings were better or worse than photos.  So I included two questions, first of which was “Do you prefer a visual such as a line drawing or photo with each construction step?”  The answer was a simple “Yes” or “No”.CaptureQ6

In case anyone is in doubt, 90% prefer to have some sort of visuals included with their sewing instructions.  

My seventh question was an obvious followup: “Do you prefer clear line drawing illustrations or high-resolution photos?”.  The answer was a choice between “line drawings” or “high-resolution photos”.


There was not a definitive answer to this question.  The group was nearly split down the middle.  I think the thing to understand here is that pattern instructions need visuals to make the instructions clearer if for no other reason to assist those who are visual learners.

Points to ponder: I’m sure there is more work to be done in this area.  There are more questions that instantly pop into my mind here in reference to the quality of the line drawings as opposed to the editing of the photos.  As in most things, there are good and bad version of both drawings and photos out there in the sewing pattern market.

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