Periscope for Sewists?

PeriscopeDoes Periscope have anything to offer to modern sewists?  Share your thoughts with me.

A coworker mentioned Periscope to me one day when she would be traveling during a critical workplace meeting.  She asked if we could perhaps “do a Periscope“.  In my need to keep everyone happy, I did some research on Periscope.  The plans changed regarding that specific meeting and I never thought again about it.  Then, randomly, I happened across a tweet from Rit Dye announcing someone would be trying out a technique “tomorrow on Periscope“.

I was intrigued so I downloaded the app, created an account and began to follow other “scopers”.   I admit that Twitter is not my primary focus for social media especially not for my sewing and crafting business.  I am much more interested in a visual media such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.  I was unaware of any sewist tweeters much less “scopers”.  Periscope is young and has a less than sophisticated search mechanism so I was unable to identify sewist accounts.

So, after receiving LOTS of notifications of live scopes and lots or Trolls and way too much video of nonsense stuff, I am in search of sewists on Periscope.  I discovered the knitters of the world are all over this venue but I find the sewists are nearly nonexistent.  I find it to be very interesting and exciting! Trolls are an exception. I don’t like those but they are everywhere, I guess.  As I write this post, I’m watching some street musicians perform live in Times Square. The next scope I find is a live video feed from some river rapids in East Granby, Connecticutt providing a cool, fresh view and the mesmerizing sounds of running water on a Friday afternoon.

Give me your thoughts on Periscope.  Do you like it? Do you use it?  Do you lurk and view or do you create content?  I can see all types of uses for it but if there is no one out there listening, I wonder if it is worth the effort.


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