I Got Published

IMG_0159The momma of the beautiful little girl is  a dear friend and she shared with me the struggles that she has finding cute boutique clothing for her daughter.  It is a struggle that I know all too well.

For me, the challenge had been issued and I knew I had the skills to tackle it.  I designed this cute little tunic for her out of fabric that she requested.  There are no patterns, no tutorials for this type sewing.  There is a wealth of resources for anyone sewing for a plus-size adult.  As her smile shows, I think she was very pleased with her new top.  I made a couple more garments for her but throughout the process I noticed the complete lack of resources for anyone sewing or shopping for healthy little girls.

My exposure to the academic world through my day job led me to believe that perhaps I needed to write about the struggle for this age group and perhaps write some patterns and tutorials, perhaps even a book.  My answer came quickly.  I submitted an article concerning the struggle for this age group to the a web community that I am a member of, the Curvy Sewing Collective.  One of the editors responded that they were interested in my article and encouraged me to continue on.  My blog post appears to be well-received, causing many to comment.  I think it is a success!

Now, see?  I’m more than a pants hemmer. (see previous post)

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