Hemming – Oh the Horror!

IMG_2762Clearly, I am missing something.  Would someone please explain it to me?  When did hemming pants and sewing on buttons become such a curse?

I see lots of Facebook and Instagram posts and graphics stating how much sewists are offended by hemming pants and sewing for their friends. There are t-shirts that say “Yes, I sew. No, I won’t hem your pants.”  I don’t feel that way and I guess I don’t understand why others do.

Yes, I sew. I quilt, I knit, I crochet, I bead, I cross-stitch and anything else I can find to do with my hands that is a creative outlet.  And I will hem your pants.  I will sew buttons on for you.  I will take up your dresses and repair little holes and tears.  There have been dark times in my life that the hemming and sewing paid for the groceries. I’m not too proud to know that I could possibly need it to pay for them and more in the future.

My friends know I sew. They respect me for my sewing knowledge and my skills. When they have a wardrobe malfunction or a garment for a special event, they entrust it to me.  I see so many sewist who sew for themselves because they want well-fitting quality garments.  They complain about the ready-to-wear industry.  What better opportunity to teach someone about proper fit and design than hemming their pants to an appropriate length?

I don’t get it.  I really don’t.

3 responses to “Hemming – Oh the Horror!”

  1. My issue is that the second someone finds out I sew, they ask me for something: hem their pants, make them a dress, sew buttons, etc. For friends and family who know I sew and have known for a while, yes, I will do those things for them, but a person I just met or someone at work that never talked to me previously, no. These people also presume the cost will be nothing. That’s why I say no for the most part.


    1. Oh I see. I haven’t had that problem. Sounds like they are using you to get something free. I get that!

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  2. So true. 🙂 I also do not mind to do such kind of sewing tasks. Making my family and friends happy makes me happy. 🙂 Best, Jana



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