Help Wanted Listings on the Web

I’ve surfed the job listings on the internet such as Career Builder and Yahoo Jobs.  Who hasn’t?  But I must say that I am always unimpressed.  Job ads always look like generic descriptions that have been used for years–job ads that have not changed since the Industrial Revolution.  Most of them appear to be a paper job add that was typed into a form screen by some underpaid secretary in a back office somewhere.I always ask myself……where are the exciting jobs, the ones that sound interesting, would challenge me, would use skills appropriate for current society?

Hat’s off to Brittni at Paper & Stitch.  I ran across her job listing today in her blogpost.  She, unlike all of the other employers I’ve seen, asks for an email application while other standard jobs ask for a paper resume or some basic web page form.  She asks for links to the applicant’s website and social media accounts.  Wow, how outside of the box, NOT!  Let’s face it, we are out there and in the type position she is hiring for, she needs someone who is “out there”.  Social media is here to stay and let’s just embrace it.  Your potential employer should get the chance to see you as all of your friends and family and random acquaintances off the street see you.

Maybe we need a new job website that has checklists for being tech-savvy, social media literate and all-around in touch with the modern technology.

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