The Maker Movement

There seems to be a revival of sorts in the sewing and crafting industry. A recent article calls it a “Maker Movement”.  Call them Maker Faires or Arts and Crafts Shows, they are the same things – gatherings of creative folks displaying and selling their wares.  These “faires” seem to have sprung up driven by a new generation that is yearning to learn craft skills, some which have long been forgotten.  Despite all of the cutting edge technology at their fingertips, they want to get their fingertips dirty, splattered with paint, burnt on hot instruments, and scarred by sharp edges.  My generation, their parents, were too busy finding themselves and making the most of all  adult life had to offer instead of passing down life skills to their offspring.  I realize that I possess something to give this generation beyond the the resources to write an academic research paper.  I am adept at stitching, knitting, crocheting, painting, gluing, and constructing.  I have learned many things by trial and error and would love to pass these along to a group of people interested in such things.  But through what outlet?

How best can I pass along the skills that I have?

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