Cool Portfolio……But a Handle? Really?

So I drug out a favorite pattern to whip up a soccer-themed porfolio for the dear daughter. She is an asst. soccer coach and has scorebooks to keep up with and I thought the perfect thing would be my favorite portfolio from Quilts and More magazine. I have made several of these now and I love them. They can be personalized and using theme fabric, make a statement about the interests of the owner.

I used red soccer fabric, found a cool soccer grid fabric and a coordinating checked red ribbon. I even upgraded the pattern by inserting a piece of Timtex for stability between the outer shell and the batting. Proud of my creation, I presented it to the daughter. Her reaction? Who would want that, it doesn’t have a handle?

Gee, I should have known there is no pleasing the children.

Somewhere, there is someone that wants my talents and creations. Ahhhhhhh………..

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