blog has moved and moved back

Sorry, I’ve decided to move to WordPress so that I don’t have to add zeros to my username. I don’t think my grandmother’s middle name had numbers in it. Change your bookmarks to

Sorry again. I’m back. WordPress had built in stats but the widgets were very limiting. No blank html/java widgets that I could past API’s in and the spamblocker was too confusing to install. Okay………so I tried it and it didn’t work. I’m not afraid to admit I made a mistake. I’m proud to say that I tried something!

3 responses to “blog has moved and moved back”

  1. Well — it’s confused the heck out of me. 🙂 I love ya anyway.


  2. Hi… I linked to your blog when I was trying to get the same answer as you…How did you get the date back on your blog? I have done all the obvious things in LAYOUT and SETTINGS, but my date remains stubbornly missing from the top of my posts. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.Staci


  3. Honestly, I didn’t do anything. I just left it for a while out of frustration and it eventually came back. Must have been something Blogger did.


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