Fabulous new research tool – Zotero

For all of you Firefox lovers out there, I just found the handiest Firefox add-on named Zotero. Zotero calls itself “a personal research assistant. inside your browser”. Simply get the add-on and install it in your Firefox browser and start surfing. I hate doing research across the web and having to take notes with a pen and paper. Taking notes in a Word document doesn’t work for me either. And as for webpages, bookmarking is the best I can do but the way the web changes these days, the information is long gone by the time I go back to the bookmark. Then I have forgotten what specific tidbits looked important.

Zotero lets me save snapshots of webpages and (here is the best part) highlight and add annotations to those snapshots…….right in the Firefox window! Another great thing about it appeals to the Librarian in me. With one click, Zotero will create and save citations from databases, library catalogs, and webpages. These citations can then be exported into Word or some of the other bibliographic utilities.

Zotero is compatible with RACERtrac and most of our databases so research can now be a paper-less sort of thing. No more keeping up with the scraps of paper, napkins, and legal pads. No more shifting from clicking the mouse to writing with the pen/pencil or highlighting with the marker then back to the mouse. I love the idea of all of my research, thoughts and references in one spot!

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