Special Olympics-Ky Scarf Project 2015

SOKY15I believe my talents are a gift and I should give back whenever possible.  I’ve tried to make an effort to participate in the Special Olympics Scarf Project for several years.  I missed a couple of years.  This year, I was fortunate enough to run across the new color announcements for my state early enough that I could put a scarf on my crafting schedule.  This year’s Kentucky colors of Royal Blue and Yellow Red Heart Yarn were readily available enough, some even coming from my mother’s stash.

I see the SO-Scarf Project and other charitable crafting programs as an opportunity to both give back AND try out new techniques, new stitches and new patterns.  I know there are those knitters out there that look down at those that use the less-expensive acrylic yarns but I will use whatever my hands find to use.

Here is the 2015 scarf for Kentucky in the chosen colors.  I had another pattern that used a raspberry stitch for the scarf so I took that pattern and adapted it to a two-color stripe scarf that fit the requested dimensions of 6″ wide and 54′ to 60″ long.  I learned a new stitch and have provided a treasured item to those working the SO games.

Do you participate in charitable knitting projects?

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