I have discovered a new sewing tool.  It is a set of tweezers that I found while digging through the surgical supply tools in a vendor booth at a quilt show.  But this is not any ordinary set of tweezers.  They have a “cross-lock action” meaning through some magic of physics both blades cross and actually press against each other to remain closed rather than open like standard tweezers.  I chose the sharp pointed stainless steel ones.  With the sharp points, the tweezers can be used as a stiletto to push or hold small trims as I sew over them.  Then with a squeeze of thumb and forefinger, they can grasp like standard tweezers.  I find this especially useful with guiding small, intricate items under the presser foot. I admit that I use them a lot to pull the selvages out the back of the presser foot.  You know that moment when you started sewing too close to the beginning edge and things start to ball up?

These wonders are also called self-closing revers-action forceps and seem to be available at many tool stores.