I’ve been needing something to keep me organized in meetings. A briefcase or portfolio is too big and too cumbersome for most things I attend. But one must always have somewhere to doodle when meetings get boring or sermons get long. I found this pattern during the annual quilt show trek. It is a new line of patterns I’ve not seen before. This & That Patterns are original patterns from Sherri K. Falls. I’m looking at designing my own line and I really was drawn to these because they are not the standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper folded in half. They are folded in quarters.

Anyway, this Charm Pattern named “Just a Note” is great. I will make more of these. Hopefully to sell and give as gifts. I had to whip it up in some appropriate fabric. There are so many customizations I can do. And it also makes me want more of her patterns.

I’ve been trying to pick out just the right fabrics. It would have happened sooner but my husband had hidden the fresh notepads after leaving his former employer. Oh, and the inside is fabulous as well! (Notice the sewing diva lining.)

2 responses to “Mini-Portfolio”

  1. They are gorgeous. I love them.


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